Thanks for your interest in the haywoodgolf Ambassador program.

haywoodgolf was founded under the belief that in order to play golf, you shouldn't have to break the bank. We hope the enthusiasm we have in creating high-quality, beautifully-finished products translates into getting our customers excited and get them to play more golf.

As a haywoodgolf Ambassador, you already use and love our products. You believe fundamentally that the way golf clubs are sold, and the prices they sell for are archaic and prohibitive to getting more people involved with the sport. Having authentic relationships with our customers ensures that through feedback, we are creating the best products at the right price points. Having Ambassadors like you, acting as an extension of our voice and our brand, expands our reach.

To Qualify

  • You must have demonstrated through the purchase of our products your affinity for them.
  • You must be active on at least one social media channel, regularly posting preferably golf-oriented content.
  • You must showcase your ability to engage and respond to questions and feedback in regards to the haywoodgolf brand and products, and have a positive and fun online presence.

We appreciate all the love and support and we look forward to growing this great game with you.

Ambassador Application