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our story

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, haywoodgolf is a growing golf brand that focuses on high-quality products, at affordable prices.

Our vision was realized after walking into a major golf retail store and being frustrated at the cost of equipment. We wondered what it would be like to manufacture our own clubs, so we did.


Our first product was a line of wedges. After sourcing manufacturers, and testing hundreds of clubs for performance, durability, and of course, design, we found one we were willing to put our name on. Although this lengthly process was tedious, we maintain that our clubs are equivalent to the other brands on the market today. Through plenty of feedback from our customers, we have added different product lines, and will continue to do so using the same benchmark for quality.


Our motivation for growing the game of golf is what drives us at haywoodgolf.  We strongly believe that the current way golf clubs are sold and how they are priced is archaic, and is not indicative of today's consumer. We hope that with the design and performance of our products, our customer service, the affordability, and our e-commerce-first approach, will encourage the new wave of golfers to get out on the course and play.