The Haywood driver is firmly rooted in Haywood's design ethos, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism. Atop sits a carbon fiber crown set in an 811 titanium body with a subdued matte black finish. Our mid-launch, low-spin driver includes a 15-gram back weight, increasing the MOI (moment of inertia), encouraging a more forgiving shot on off-centre strikes. Its forged titanium face offers stronger durability and a softer feel, combined with our internal multi-sectional ribbing, provides a more muted sound at impact. Players are able to modify both loft and lie angles with our adjustable hosel for maximum playability. At address, the face offers alignment aids to ensure your ball is centered in its sweet spot. Our token style extends to the sole where our logo is embossed in a black glossy finish. 



  • Carbon fiber top
  • 811 Titanium Body
  • Forged titanium Face
  • 15 gram back weight to increase MOI (forgiveness)
  • Internal channeling designed to improve acoustics
  • Adjustable Hosel
  • Head Cover & Wrench Included

*Head Only Purchase also includes shaft adapter

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Brian S
    Great Driver!

    This has been a great addition to my set. I seem to hit it better than others I’ve tried and the value is exceptional. Very good quality! Looking forward to the release of the new bag!

    Scott Watelet
    Top notch quality

    Very pure driver and consistent shot shape, looks nice and sounds like it’s more pricy competition

    awesome driver all around

    Officially a haywood fan!

    Took a flyer on the driver I couldn't try first because I don't live any of their dealers or fitters. Purchased based on the TXG review and I am glad I did.
    Driver performs better than my previous driver the taylormade sim 1. The sound is more muted which I love and people have been asking about it when they see me pull it out of the bag They are shocked it isn't a major brand when I tell them.

    I rarely leave reviews but wanted to because I can imagine how hard it is for a small brand to make a driver that performs this well. Have to give credit to their team.

    Thank you!

    Dave M

    The driver is my least consistent club, but I have been crazy consistent with this. I'm hitting 10 to 15 yards further and much straighter. I'm hitting it less than 10 yards off center and it's amazing. The ball flight is perfect and the sound is just right. It's not loud, but solid. Although my heel weight wasn't torqued down, so it had a rattle at first, lol. In just a few short rounds, my driving has gotten so much better. Thank you. Well done.

    Jerry K
    Amazing Value

    I have had the Haywood CB/MB Combo irons for almost a year and love them, which is why I pre-ordered the Driver. If I am being honest, I was a bit skeptical the performance would match the my previous gamer, which was the stealth but because my irons are great, I wanted to give the new driver a chance too.

    I am really glad I did. This club is just as long (might even be longer) than my stealth but feels more solid on off center strikes and seems more forgiving. Once again Haywood has impressed me and will be a lifelong customer.

    Well done!